The History of Tera-Mai

Kathleen Milner

Kathleen Milner’s article on the history of Tera-MaiTM and her part in it.
1.     I NEVER took Usui Reiki.  Margarette Shelton taught me the original Reiki system that Iris Ishakuru taught to Arthur Robertson, which was known as Alliance Reiki.  
2.     The heading of Alliance Reiki certificates said, ‘Usui Shiki Royoho.’   So, Margarette and the others called themselves Usui Reiki Masters.  However, Takata NEVER trademarked any part of this phrase or the word, Reiki.  So, many, many people simply made up initiations and named them Usui Reiki or gave them other names.   In some ‘Usui Reiki’ initiations there is NOTHING left of Takata’s original Alliance Reiki initiations.
3.      Margarette Shelton never studied with Iris Ishakuru.  Arthur Robertson began teaching exactly what he had learned from Iris after Iris died.
4.     From Alliance Reiki Masters, whom have been initiated into Tera Mai and trained, my student and I have been told repeatedly that the information that Margarette Shelton gave to me was identical to what Takata taught to them.  This included the contractions, breathing and colours.   For example, Beth Sanders was told by the Monk, who was one of Takata’s original 22 Reiki Masters, that what I had taught to Beth, and Beth had taught to him was identical to that which Takata had taught him.  (Beth took Reiki Mastership from me prior to my consciousness-raising experience with Buddha.)
5.     The symbol, JOHRE, is not used in the Tera Mai initiation procedure.  Towards the end of Margarette’s Reiki Mastership class, she hesitantly offered to initiate us into JOHRE down the spine.  I did not feel right, and I did not receive this particular initiation.  I learned later that this was NOT included in the Reiki initiations that Takata handed down.  JOHRE is very effective in breaking up negativity.   (JHORAE may be found in both Reiki and Other Ways of Healing and Tera, My Journey Home.)
6.     None of the three Reiki initiations I received increased my healing abilities; as a matter of fact, my personal healing abilities produced more healing results than either of the Reiki Masters whom I  studied with.  Rather, I learned how to do hands-on healing in Reiki I.  (I healed and worked with God’s Angels in a Shamanistic manner when I was very young.)  Reiki II taught me how to use symbols to send healing.  Reiki III or Mastership taught me breathing techniques that I could use to energize symbols, which I could then give to the Angels, and ask them to bring the symbols and energy back to me to heal the injuries I received during two separate car accidents.  The breathing procedure also built up my own personal energy.  (I advise my Reiki Mastership students to use this technique each day, to send healing to others, Earth or to themselves.)
7.     When I was asked to teach people Reiki, I was strongly guided to emphasize the contractions and breathing.  What I was told repeatedly from Alliance Reiki Masters was that Takata taught this procedure BUT did NOT emphasize it.
8.     Because all 3 Reiki initiations that I received were identical to those given by Takata, and because I had an unbroken connection to Takata’s initiations through my lineage, the Ancient Healing Energy that I was born with connected with the modern attempt to once again bring back Universal Initiations into God’s Healing Energy.
9.     Margarette did add the clockwise CHO KU RAY that gets smaller to the initiation procedure.  The woman, whom I practiced doing the initiations with in the class, and myself found that the double CHO KU RAY combination (drawing the clockwise CHO KU RAY with the left hand and the counterclockwise CHO KU RAY with the right hand) produced a stronger, more balanced and effective way to energize symbols.  As this is how Margarette initiated me, this is what I passed onto my students.  Later, Buddha kept the double CHO KU RAY in the Tera Mai Reiki initiations.
10.In the workshop I gave at the 1990 Whole Life Expo in New York, I did not teach Reiki.  I initiated people Into Reiki I and taught them some healing techniques.
11. I had a consciousness-raising experience with Buddha in a Los Angeles Sitta Ashram in February 1991.  This involved my physical body going into the Otherworld of Spirit where Buddha showed me what was missing from the Alliance Reiki initiations and ZONAR.  Shortly thereafter, Buddha gave me HARTH and HALU.  This was well before August Starr initiated me into what I found out later were Phoenix’s version of Seichem initiations in June 1991.  
12. August Starr did not even know the name of the man, who had spent the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.  And since the fire energy was so unstable, I did not learn how to do Phoenix’s initiations.  I knew that somebody had made them up, because the only symbols on the initiation sheet were the same as the Alliance Reiki initiation symbols.  The difference being that the Seichem symbols were slanted, and the clockwise CHO KU RAY that gets bigger was substituted for the counterclockwise CHO KU RAY that gets smaller.  These were the only symbols.  
13. I did an exchange with August.  In return for taking my Reiki classes, August initiated me into Seichem.  August also gave me a symbol, which she had received from one of Barbara Weber Ray’s students in exchange for Seichem Mastership.  
14. Shortly thereafter, I was cleared and the fire energy I was channelling was stabilized.  Buddha then showed me how to do the Sakara (fire), Sophi-El (water) and Angeliclight (air) initiations.  Interestingly enough, Phoenix is dead and her students talk openly about demons coming in.  The fire energy in Phoenix’s initiations was so unstable that the Angels removed the fire completely from them.
15. Afterwards, I had another consciousness-raising experience, whereby Buddha added onto the Tera Mai Reiki initiations to create the Tera Mai Seichem initiations.  Thus, the Tera Mai Seichem lineage is the same as the Tera Mai Reiki lineage.  
16.The 3 Tera Mai Seichem initiations together include Sakara I (Elemental Fire, Sophi-El (Elemental Water), Angeliclight (Elemental Air), and Tera Mai Reiki I, II & III (Elemental Earth).
17. Tera Mai Seichem does NOT ‘bind’ Tera Mai Reiki and Sakara (fire) together.  Tera Mai Reiki is Elemental Earth Energy only.  
18. Each one of the Elemental Rays is unique and exists separately.
19. Tera Mai Cahokia initiations weave the full expanse of each Elemental Ray into a tapestry.  For example, in a beautiful Persian rug you will find unique colours woven into different patterns.  If you will imagine the 4 Elemental Healing Rays in terms of woven colours, these colours would not be mushed together.  Rather, they are each unique but part of the greater whole of Tera Mai Cahokia.  Interestingly, most Tera Mai Cahokia initiates feel the weaving going on within them during the Cahokia initiation.
20. People have no idea of what I gave up after I received Buddha’s additions to the Reiki initiations.  He also gave me instructions to keep Tera Mai clear, and he gave me standards.  If people chose to ignore the Tera Mai standards, then the healing energies would go away.  This was also for my protection and for the protection of all properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who did abide by his standards.
21.Whenever additional information has come to me, I have passed it on.  For example, Marcy Miller later stated that she never saw the Higher Being in the Sitta Ashram.  Thus, she was unable to take credit for the additions or symbols that the Higher Being gave to me.  I widely disseminated the information and put Marcy’s retraction in the first edition of Tera, My Journey Home.   However, I personally feel that whenever anyone is with me when I have an extra-ordinary experience that they contribute in some way to the experience.  Another example:  When I learned that it was not Sai Baba who presented himself to me in the Los Angeles Sitta Ashram, I widely disseminated the information and included the information in my books.  However, Buddha said that for the time being that I was NOT to tell people that it was he who worked with me in the Otherworlds.  Buddha did NOT want the initiation system to be called ‘Buddha Reiki;’ he said the healing system came from God and was ANCIENT; much older than he was.  When Buddha gave me permission to tell people that he was the one that I met in the Otherworlds, I included the whole story in Tera, My Journey Home.

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