Kathleen’s Sunday 9th October Class Amendment

We have listened to your feedback and the Sunday 9th October shamanic 2&3 class at £250 will be replaced by a shamanic class that anyone may attend, for £56. Kathleen will guide participants on how to identify issues, blockages, that which is holding you back and no longer serves your highest good and then working shamanically guide you how to heal these issues. These are techniques you can take home and practise and continue to help yourself.

The Shamanic techniques as taught within the Tera-MaiTM system are drug free techniques, using only the power of the shamanic drum beat to achieve altered states of consciousness.
Once the journey technique is mastered, the Shaman is emancipated from physical laws, free to go in and out of the Otherworlds at will.
Shamanism without drug inducement expands the powers of the mind, opens creative thought processes, brings greater understanding of spirituality, and allows the Shaman to be an active participant in their earthly sojourn. While journeying, the Shaman is coherent and may ask meaningful questions and recall answers. Journeying within is not astral travel. To reach the place within requires effort, but if the aspiring Shaman tries too hard they may end up shutting down all visuals. Being relaxed and able to visualise yourself clearly in your minds eye is most helpful.
Practice looking in a mirror and then closing your eyes and remembering how you look in more and more detail each time.

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