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  • Karina
    I am a Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem Master Healer. Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem Healing is a natural holistic therapy. It is safe to use on everyone from babies to the elderly and can even be used after surgery. Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem energies help enhance our body's natural ability move through blockages and to heal naturally. Reflexology is a complementary therapy where gentle pressure is applied to reflexes on the hands and feet which encourages the body to heal naturally. Reflexology is a holistic therapy which treats the person as a ‘whole’ rather than just focusing on a set of symptoms. I am qualified in reflexology for fertility and maternity.
  • Terence
    I am a Tera-MaiTM™ Reiki and Seichem Master (including levels 4,5,6 and 7). I am also a Sakara Master and an Egyptian Cartouche Master. I have been initiated up to and including Cahokia level 7 as well as Shamanic level 3. I am also a Heart Chakra Master and a 7 Rays Master. I am willing to re-initiate people on a 'donations are accetpted basis' and I am also willing to initiate new students as well.
  • Matthew
    Hi I'm Matthew. I have been a practising Reiki & Seichem Master in the Crawley area of West Sussex since January 2003, my original teaching master was Mr Nigel Gaff. I had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen Milner and was re-attuned by her during her visit to the UK in March 2011. I am also willing to re-attune into Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem on a donations-are-accepted basis.