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  • Usha
    Hi, at present I am offering re-initiations for Reiki/Seichem I,II and III on a donations are accepted basis. I also regularly run a meditation evening on Fridays. Come along and see if it's for you!
  • Julie
    I received my re-attunements for TM Reiki & TM Seichem I, II, III & TM Eygptian Cartouche In 2011 and felt a profound energy that has changed me personally and for all who receive the healing energies. The crucial point when it was so needed was last December 21st 2013 while I was out in Salcey forest riding my horse and he collapsed with a ruptured aorta - all that I had learnt up to that point was put to the greatest test of my life. The healing YOD energy flowed from my whole being to support my beloved horse through the dying process. It was so surreal surrounded by God's love with all the forest birds singing Poacher's last song. The healing energy held him in state of peace & comfort in his last moments. I will always be eternal grateful to Kathleen for opening me to be a healing channel of love from God. Smithy Cottage, 30/32 High St, Blisworth, NORTHAMPTON. NN7 3BJ. Home tel; 01604 859018 Mobile tel; 07802 616570 see web Footprints Holistic Therapies page