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  • Anne
  • Kathleen
    Hello to all the UK members. My last visit in October 2011 was very enjoyable and it was a joy to see you all again and to feel and experience the energies of Tera-Mai increasing again. Please feel free to visit my website as I have simplified many parts and there is always new and updated information there to see and read.
  • Julia
    Having managed the health food store for over 10 years now, i have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about natural remedies and complimentary therapies. During recent years i have become more and More passionate about one particular therapy.... Reiki. I believe one of the most important aspects of healing it to create that moment of peace and tranquility, free of worry and stress, that allows the body to open up to the amazing healing powers of the universe. Of all the therapies available, i believe that Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem has the most potential to bring inner-calm, balance and healing back to the physical and emotional body. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ A little bit about me ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I am best known locally for managing The Health Food Store and clinic in Mapperley, Nottingham,UK and for my work as a Tera- Mai Seichem and Reiki Master. I give advice on health and lifestyle, and seek to help people find their natural balance through natural alternatives and positivity. I believe creativity and expression are amongst the main keys to connecting with your own truth, and write and paint whenever i can. I connect with Nature daily and show Gratitude for everything that is provided for me, this helps me to stay grounded and helps me to live in the moment and in the heart. I hold an Initiator energy. My energy challenges people to step into their own Light. If they are not ready, this can sometimes make people feel a little uncomfortable around me, though not very often. I like to travel when i can especially to Sacred Sites as i feel this opens my heart more to new experiences. On my spiritual path i have been called to go to many sacred places around the world. Most recently i have visited Kauai, Hawaii. In March 2012 i was part of a large group working with the Lemurian Energies on the island and in September 2012 i returned to the island where i was invited to take part in an Equinox ceremony at the Anahola Heiau with Kahuna Ed Kaiwi and Tiffany Tatum. I have recently learnt that i also hold the energy of the Divine Witness, i can hold the space and be in "zero point" during meditation so i can bring light along with my own light codes to areas and people. I strive to live an enlightened and authentic life, Choosing to live more from the heart than ego. Actively seeking wisdom and knowledge, from all and any source including from Myself! I feel I have an ever strengthening bond with Mother Earth and her energies, and I enjoy the luxury of living a simple life. I have just finished working on my second Aura Spray- Divine Feminine Spray and moving towards incorperating sound into my healing work too. I will soon be offering Sound Journeys where i will use instruments, crystal and tibetan bowls and using my voice to channel Light Language. So watch this space. I practice Reiki and Seichem at the health food Store on Mapperley precinct. The therapy room is licensed through Gedling Council and really is the perfect location- it has a wonderful calming atmosphere and energy that hits you the moment you enter the room. The health food store 21 Plains Road Mapperley Nottingham Ng3 5lg Tel 01159 625487 I also practice at our other store too now! The health food store 19 Leeming street Mansfield Notts NG18 1NA