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  • Angie
    Reiki Healing is a healing technique for Stress Reduction and Relaxation, that can help to aid and facilitate healing. It is administered by the laying on hands. Reiki may produce a sense of calm and well being & a feeling of renewed energy and vitality, depending on your own individual needs. A positive intention energy passes through the therapist's hands, to the person whom either lies on a couch or sits up, the main thing being to assume a comfortable position. Reiki may help in the areas of: Relieving Stress & Anxiety, Easing Aches & Pains, Boosting the Immune System, Accelerating Healing, Enhancing Positive Insights in Your life, Promoting Positive Attitude, Detoxifying the body, Relief of some of the symptoms of the Menopause or PMT & many other issues..... This energy assists in restoring balance & harmony to aid comfort of your Mind, Body & Spirit, and may help to ease physical or emotional suffering & to increase general wellbeing. I find myself naturally passing on the Reiki healing intention, whilst practising CranioSacral Therapy. Reiki Healing is a safe, simple, non-intrusive, natural & holistic therapy, encompassing a sense of deep relaxation & grounding. Importantly, it can be used safely alongside conventional medicine. Nevertheless, it should not be seen as a substitute to conventional medicine, but more of a therapy that enhances your quality of life by re-balancing the body energies & creating a sense of wellbeing, emotionally, physically & even spiritually...... Over the years, I have acquired valuable experience working with people in a variety of different environments. Following my career as a Nurse, I wanted to continue caring for people & so went on to attain other useful qualifications, which would enable me to do just that, but in my own practice, and incorporating these numerous different skills & techniques. I have spent many years building up my experience and adding to the therapies I offer. I am passionate about offering the best level of care I can and have continued my own learning and development to avoid being constricted in the way I treat people. I am qualified in the following: Reiki Healing, Integrative Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional-Release (SER) I have a number of personal testimonials / reviews, encompassing my enthusiasm and success. I am looking forward to working with you, to help you achieve a more peaceful & contented quality of life. Why not at least give it a try? I work from my Practice in Stratford upon Avon treating people from Stratford and all surrounding areas. The fee is £40 per hour and times are flexible Monday to Friday early until 6pm. For further information, any questions, or directions: Tel: 07827 966 031 for your 15 minutes FREE no-obligation telephone or face to face consultation or email me on: Remember, this is an investment in YOU. We all need to put our own oxygen mask, before we help others......
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