The Official Tera-MaiTM Manuals

The new manuals were produced by Kathleen in 2009. These are the only official Tera-MaiTMmanuals and are the copyright of Kathleen Milner. If you are a correctly initiated Tera-MaiTM master abiding by Buddha’s Tera-MaiTM standards you have Kathleen’s permission to photocopy them for your own students. You may add your own additional material at the back, making it clear that these are your own additions.
There are six manuals, Reiki one, two and masters, and Seichem one, two and masters. If you are a Seichem student you will need to purchase the Reiki and Seichem manual for your level and work through the Reiki manual first and then go on through the Seichem manual.
The manuals are available for a donation, please remember that it costs us to photocopy, pack and post them, and any profit after covering expenses is used to fund the running of Tera-MaiTM UK.

Note: Manuals do not include all updates and you are advised to contact your teacher for updates up to 2018.


Kathleen Milner’s CD’s

Past Life Regression & Shaman’s Journeywork Drumbeat
TRT: 33:32   28:52
Cost: £8
author/artist: Kathleen Ann Milner
Past Life Regression takes the meditator back to past lives AND heals the issues that are brought up.  Shaman’s Journeywork Drumbeatis the drumbeat used in all Shamanic classes that teach journeywork.  There is no guided meditation.For instructions on different types of journeys, you may like to read Becoming a Shaman: It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been.

Journey to Sacred Mountain & Ancient Egyptian Meditation
TRT: 33:19     29:29
Cost: £8
author/artist: Kathleen Ann Milner
Journey to Sacred Mountain is based on the Native American 20 Count to call in different realms of Creation.
Ancient Egyptian Meditationuses Egyptian Symbology to take the meditator deeply within to explore archetypal energies.

Candle Meditation & Crystal Cave
TRT: 39:50     30:20
Cost: £8
author/artist: Kathleen Ann Milner
Description: Candle Meditation uses a variety of techniques found in different mystery schools to take the meditator deeply within to heal and clear the chakras; in particular, the Third Eye. Crystal Caveassists the meditator to work with Higher Masters.

Also available:
Kathleen Milner’s Instructional DVDs £10 each, or £35 for the full set including UK P&P.

Healing Hands, Reiki I

Kathleen talks briefly about healing and demonstrates the touch points listed in her Reiki 1 manual (including the important mental and emotional touch points that can be key to releasing the mental and emotional pattern underlying the physical complaint) We know that if the root cause of a problem remains un- addressed the problem or something similar may return.

Symbols in Healing, Reiki II:

Kathleen demonstrates how to draw some of the main Reiki symbols and gives tips on how to further empower them. She also demonstrates dowsing with a pendulum and advises how to check out our psychic impressions.

Healing Animals with Reiki

Kathleen demonstrates the healing touch point on a horse and instructs on the comparative anatomy for those interested in healing animals. She demonstrates the SHEN technique on a horse (this is also good to perform on humans. It is a favourite on all I have used it on! – Anita O’Hagan) She also gives some riding tips and recommends some books on healing.

DVDs for Tera-Mai Instructors:

Reiki Mastership – £10

Kathleen demonstrates all three Reiki Initiations / Attunements with teaching exercises to practice along with.

Tera-MaiTM Seichem Mastership – £10

Kathleen demonstrates all three Reiki and Seichem initiations with teaching exercises to practice along with. Also demonstrated are the YOD, Violet Flame, and Melchizedek initiations.

Note DVD’s for Instruction are not up to date for 2018 and you are advised to contact your teacher for the most pup to date information.

Please note that this is a set of two separate DVDs with the Seichem added on the additional DVD.

To purchase any of the above Manuels and DVD’s please send a cheque made payable to Tera-MaiTM UK Society stating which items you want, giving your postal address and a contact number in case there is a query about your order. Please note, we are unable to sell either DVD if you are not either a Tera-Mai Reiki or Tera-Mai Seichem Master. We can only sell the Tera-Mai Reiki Mastership if you are a Tera-Mai Reiki Master and not a Tera-Mai Seichem Master.You may be asked for a copy of your Masters certificate before we can sell Mastership DVD’s if you are not know to us or listed as a master anywhere we can check.