The Other Rays of Touch Healing

From Kathleen Milner’s book Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing

Earth energy is referred to by the masters as Tera-MaiTM, my earth. Other characteristics of earth energy are those of grounding and foundation. Because of these properties, Reiki is fundamental to all of the other elemental healing rays. Without Reiki or grounding very little, or nothing else happens on the ‘physical’ plane, this is why Dr Chujiro Hayashi gave Takata the symbols for elemental earth healing. In Japan 100 years ago men referred to themselves as Reiki Masters because they had command over all of the elements, the same four elements that comprise our own physical bodies. Today what we know of as Reiki refers to the healing ray within elemental earth alone.

SAKARA is fire. Fire itself is a phenomenon that cannot be explained or defined by any scientist alive on earth today. This is because fire comes from the fourth dimension and lightening comes from the fifth. In our present physical forms we live on the third dimension. It is virtually impossible to explain fourth and fifth dimensional phenomenon using limited three dimensional terminology. What the masters told me was that Sakara or fire at the healing level is the vessel or vehicle which holds Angeliclight, the healing aspect of air. Sakara brings a rainbow of protective light which surrounds the aura. It is this merkaba or body of light which holds out-of-body explorations of the physical universe, which is itself a variation of the physical trance state. True reality is the consciousness our soul experiences as Oneness.

In healing Sakara works in the aura, the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. One of the properties of fire is transformation. Sakara burns through and transforms blockages and resistances in the physical, mental emotional and other spiritual bodies. As the masters initiated me into higher levels of Sakara, low voltage electricity and later, what seemed to be lightening, both aspects of fire, moved through me. Even clients I worked on would use the words electricity and lightening to describe what was occurring in their body.

Later I discovered that Sakara further aids in pranic healing and balances the electrical-magnetic field. Prana is the vital Universal energy that surrounds us and sustains life. In pranic healing one uses what the Taoists would call Chi to clean the electromagnetic field or aura, the chakras and meridians. After the healer cleans the chakras, s/he then projects prana or Chi and healing colours to the client.

Typically we bring in energy through our left hand and foot and out our right hand and foot. When people talk about their “receiving hand”, they are referring to their left hand; when they refer to their “sending hand”, they mean their right hand. Using Sakara in the aura above the body we can reverse the flow by bringing healing energy in through the client’s right foot and hand, across each chakra, and out the left. The effect is as if we were to suddenly reverse a river; that is, debris that has been neatly tucked and filed away can be loosened and released.

The physical body is the last to express disease or misqualified energy. In aura healing two things are possible: Thought patterns in the aura can be released before they enter the physical; or thought patterns behind pain in the physical can be found, released and transformed in the aura. Working in the aura is one way in which the healing facilitator is able to bypass the ego, which is masking the root cause of the issue with physical pain. This is not to say that the physical pain or disease is not serving an important service. It is calling attention, and often rather loudly, to the fact that there is misqualified energy. That is, that there is a thought form or emotion being held that requires healing, transformation and release. If the root cause is not addressed, the patient is not healed.

Changes in the aura will be reflected by corresponding changes in the physical body. Physical transformation may or may not manifest immediately, but will be evidenced at some time if the core issues are resolved. Altering the energy of the electromagnetic field causes repercussions which will be experienced on all levels. Much healing work can be done in the aura, and there will be a time in the near future when healing energy will be able to reconstruct missing limbs and organs. Salamanders also have a more active electromagnetic aura than other creatures. Interestingly, the Greek word for a fire elemental is salamander.

ANGELICLIGHT is a two-fold ray: working with both the element air and angelic realm. Air expresses the qualities of communication. In healing the effectiveness of the third eye and throat chakras are increased dramatically. Watching and serving as a witness with the third eye while the healing takes place strongly intensifies the healing energy. With Angeliclight the healing facilitator is able to work effectively with angels, Holy Spirit, and client’s higher self. Angeliclight acts like an angel magnet. As I was initiated into higher levels of Reiki, the heat from my hands increased; as I moved upwards in levels of Angeliclight, heat began radiating from my third eye and even my physical eyes which intensified as time went by.

The other aspect of communication is the voice or the power of the spoken word. Angeliclight enhances this quality which is why those initiated into Angeliclight must have disciplined minds and be conscious of their words. I can all upon the masters, light workers or angels to help me during the healing process; if however, I call them by name, the energy wave that they come in on is stronger. If I repeat their names 3 times, it helps to raise my vibration; theirs is already raised.

With Angeliclight, when the healer speaks about what is occurring during the healing process, the energy is magnified and the experience is intensified for the client. When the healing facilitator observes, “The angels are bringing you a herb specific to your need, breathe in deeply,” the client oftentimes smells it. This phenomenon is incredible proof of the existence of another reality beyond our ordinary 5 senses. Scents from other levels of reality can be subtle or they can come in very strong. The difference between smelling aromas originating from the physical plane and those from other realities is this: When you breathe in the scent of a rose, the smell is consistently with you as long as your nose is in proximity of the flower. When the smell comes from other realms; however, the healer or the client may catch a whiff here or there on the same inhale. The aroma is neither consistent, nor does it linger. Sometimes you smell it, sometimes you don’t. Other times you can smell a sweet fragrance consistently, but only in one particular square foot of space in the room and in no other. This often indicates the presence of a master or archangel. In either case the aroma of the herb or flower goes about and does its work with the assistance of the angels and holy spirits.

All psychic surgeons in varying degrees work with the energy of Angeliclight. After being initiated into Angeliclight, celestial angels are able to project themselves over the healer. With Angeliclight healing, the angels gently overshadow the healer’s body. The client may feel angelic hands moving within them, or organs being moved. There have been instances where people have experienced the sensation of cutting away of tumours or diseased tissue.

There are 333 levels of Angeliclight which the healer can receive through initiation and are given along with the Sakara and Sophi-El initiations. The levels are for our point of reference on this 3-dimensional reality. After the last initiations into Angeliclight are given, the healing energy of the air evolves upwards on its own as the healer uses it. There comes a point, however, when Angeliclight becomes out of balance with the elemental healing rays, and it is then that the other elementals earth (Reiki), fire (Sakara) and water (Sophi-El) are pulled upwards so that they will be in balance. There is no end to Angeliclight.

All of the elemental healing rays emanate from Source or Mother-Father God and interface with one another. They work individually and in combination. For example, in the throat chakra, Angeliclight adds to the power of the spoken word. Sakara brings in the fire breath of the Holy Spirit. Reiki or Tera-Mai grounds the energy. Sophi-El brings in an emotional appeal.

SOPHI-EL is both gentle and persistent like the water from which it comes. The ray’s colours include all of the various hues of silver, plus white, and the velvet black of the void. The Great Void or Great Mystery is black like the Universal womb from which the Light emerges. Without black there is no Light.
Sophi-El reaches deep within the emotional bodies to find the core, cause and effect of the disturbance. Sophi-El also opens the heart to receive love and feel compassion. It also aids healing by re-establishing the feminine-masculine balance. Being fully open to both masculine and feminine aspects is necessary in order to become a fully integrated personality. Our feminine side holds our creativity, nurturing, psychic and healing abilities. Our masculine side is the left-brained teacher, the consoler and the true warrior that protects us and all we have created.

In addition to emotional healing energy, Sophi-El enhances the healer’s psychic awareness. The increase in intuitive abilities aids the healer in visualizing, hearing Holy Spirit, and receiving psychic impressions while s/he is working. Additional psychic insight comes only through doing the inner work, and it is only through our healed feminine nature that we have access to the Akashic Records, all memories and all experiences. The only question that is allowed of the Akashic Records in our inner mind is, “What is it I am to know?”

Sophi-El and the other rays of touch healing are here for us to utilize in healing and also to help develop our psychic awareness. This does not mean that we can avoid doing the inner work. Rays of healing are not a quick fix or a pill. They will bring up deep, buried issues. Righteous anger that was never expressed needs a constructive outlet. That is, anger is supposed to both protect us and move us to positive expression. For example, if I had a client who has even one event where they failed to speak up when someone unjustly criticized them, that unexpressed righteous anger has remained bottled up inside of their solar plexus.

Outrageous anger needs to be defused; righteous anger needs to be expressed in a constructive way. Andrew Vachss would say that it is better to feel the righteous anger as long as we need to, rather than keep it bottled up inside. At some point one needs to feel the anger, transform it and release it. Sophi-El will defuse outrageous anger if the individual is willing to let the Light into the dark corners of the soul where the monsters lie hidden. When all four elemental healing rays are used together, the; negative’ energy has nowhere to hide. Once we let Light and Love in, feel the emotional pain or shame, the monsters shrink and we heal our physical bodies. We can embrace ourselves and love ourselves for being human, just as Mother-Father God has always done.