Tera-Mai Sakara

Sakara II, Sophi-El II and the second Angelic light Attunements:
Course fee : £435

* These 3 initiations further expand the elements of fire, water and air.
* Advanced healing techniques are taught and a deeper connection to the Healing Rays is facilitated.
* Initiates notice an increase in what the elemental healing energy is able to do.

Sakara III and the third Angelic light Attunements:
Course fee £580

* These 2 initiations further expand and complete the initiations into the elements of fire, water and air.
* There is a connection between the third Sakara and second Sophi-El initiations that causes the energy of Sophi-El to increase.
* Again, the energy of the elemental rays is further enhanced and the initiate notices a further increase in the healings.
* When the student has completed this level of training they become eligible to take training in Tera MaiTM Cahokia.

If a student has not already taken training in Reiki and Seichem Levels IV,V,VI and VII they are able to do so either before, after or during training in Sakara. These Initiations and training given at this level is optional as the foundation of the Tera MaiTM System of Healing is Reiki and Seichem.