Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem

If you have any questions about the structure of The Tera-Mai ™ System of Healing, please contact the society.
Recently, God Himself added Golden Cosmic Energy and Golden Bubbles to Tera Mai Reiki I, II & III.
Healings and Spiritual experiences are remarkable. When a former Tera Mai initiate is re-initiated into Tera Mai Reiki I, II & III (on a donations-are-accepted basis) the Golden Cosmic Energy and Golden Bubbles quickly flows through all of the Tera Mai Reiki initiations that the initiate has received thus far. http://www.tera-mai-conversation.com/1/post/2015/04/golden-bubbles.html
Tera-Mai Reiki I: 21-day, self-healing cycle begins. The ancient art of hands-on healing is taught in the class.
Tera-Mai Reiki II: Initiates an increase in healing energy. The use of symbols and absentee healing is taught. Intuiting information is practiced.
Tera-Mai Reiki III: Further increase in healing energy. Advanced use of symbols in absentee healing is taught. Deeper levels of intuiting information is practiced. In addition, workshop participants are taught how to do the three Tera-Mai Reiki initiations, the original Order of Melchizedek initiation from Old Testament, and YOD initiation. YOD is the first initiation into Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies.

Tera-Mai Seichem includes the following:
Tera-Mai Reiki: Golden Elemental Earth Energy / Golden Cosmic Energy
Tera-Mai Angeliclight: Two-fold energy of Elemental Air Energy and additional Angelic help. Presence of Angels often experienced. Enhances the healing ability of the third eye, voice and breath. Brings up mental issues to be released and healed.
Tera-Mai Sakara: Elemental Fire Energy is clearly distinguished as rapid pulses or sparks of low-voltage. Oftentimes, the healer will experience the sensation of pins &needles-like energy in the palms of his or her hands. Healees often feel the sparkling energy or a current of energy on or in their body. Fire gives the healer the ability to heal the aura (energy field) surrounding the living.
Tera-Mai Sophi-El: Elemental Water Energy is experienced oftentimes as undulating waves of cool energy. Cleansing! Brings up emotional issues to be released and healed.

Note: Seichem III is equal to Sakara I

Note: Seichem includes Reiki, however a new initiation technique is available where the initiations are given seperately. So if you take Seichem I you will also receive Reiki I initiation. With Seichem II you will receive Reiki II and Seichem III, Reiki III. Your Certificates will show this dual status. All additional attunements are purely optional and are not required to maintain Tera-Mai™ Reiki or Seichem  Mastership.


Tera Mai™ Ancient initiation at wrists, thumbs and fore fingers given during Shamanic IV, Prerequisite – Tera Mai Seichem II.
Initiation is given at the palms of the hands and vibrates through entire body. Ancient Initiation at the wrists, thumbs & index fingers
– Angel Israel opens the minds eye and heart, so as to connect to God’s Angels in a special way.
– Allows more Angeliclight to flow through fingertips.
– Practice looking into the physical body to find root cause of disease & pain.
– Then work with God’s Angels by simply watching them heal.
– This is how Kathleen says she worked with God’s Angels when she was very young.

Connection to Emerald Green Energy from both Heaven & Earth.
– Emerald Green from the Holy Spirit comes into the top of the head, down the front and into the front Solar Plexus.
– Opens intuition and inspires greater Spiritual communication.
– Emerald Green from Earth comes into the ankles, up the back of the legs and spine, and into the back Solar Plexus.
– Helps bring about physical manifestations; such as, prosperity & generosity, physical healing and earthly opportunities.
– Initiate opens his or her own heart and sends Pink Love to his or her Solar Plexus.
– This connects and holds the Emerald Green from above and the Emerald Green from below.
– Without this connection the Emerald Green goes away.
– The Pink Love must come from the initiate. No one is able to do this for you.
Initiator must be channeling the Emerald Green in order to pass it on. In addition, he or she must be able to call upon The Holy Spirit, and be respectful of the Earth.

EMERALD GREEN is bringing Heaven to Earth and raising Earth to the Heavens.
EMERALD GREEN from Heaven to Earth opens intuition, new ideas, and Spiritual communications in higher realms.
EMERALD GREEN from the Earth is all about physical manifestation. Whatever is done with love is further empowered. These include physical healings, opportunities and means to prosperity.

Egyptian Archetypal Initiations level 1 & To pass on these initiations level 2 but not to teach

The following initiations are typically given during the two-day shamanic workshops:

The 7 Rays pre-requisite none
Enochian Magic pre-requisite none

Other initiations given during other Tera Mai™ workshops:

Third Eye initiation pre-requisite none
Shakti Pac pre-requisite none
Order of Melchesidek pre-requisite none
YOD pre-requisite none
Tera-Mai™ Violet Flame pre-requisite none