Tera-Mai™ Egyptian Archetypal Attunements

Tera Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements Are very different from the Egyptian Cartouche initiations.
The new YOD initiation opens the narrow channel at the top of the head, which allows both intellectual information and creative inspiration to enter the brain and mental body. In addition, it activates the intuitive centers found within the Third Eye, Heart and Solar Plexus.
There are 24 Egyptian symbols that have been long identified as higher archetypal thought forms. These attunements further open the initiate to these higher realms of thought. (These symbols are listed below.)
VEIL of ISIS initiation helps to manifest higher thoughts into physical reality.
Clearing away the Egyptian Cartouche initiations, New Clearings, (Clearings & Healing Energy that Work!) YOD initiation, 24 Egyptian Symbols attunements and VEIL of ISIS initiation, Pre-requisite is Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One.

VEIL of ISIS – Crowning initiation into Tera Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies.
Isis represents virtues of nurturing and the power of love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy and Divine and Earthly magic and healing.
– The 24 Egyptian symbols come in on Silver.
– VEIL of ISIS initiation comes in as Gold.
Most people feel that the initiation experience is beyond words.

Initiations into Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy connect initiate to higher Universal thought constructs.
VEIL of ISIS initiation provides ‘The Gold’ and ability to manifest these ideals into the physical world in Divine Order.
OSIRIS :  Loving Father, teacher, consoler, protector, bringer of justice
ISIS :  Loving Mother, mercy, grace, forgiveness, compassion, magic, healing
HORUS :  Healing of the eyes (physical eyes, mind’s eye, the eyes of the skin), healing of family members and family issues, artistry & creativity
BAST :  Joy, intuition, music, mental healing, mental protection
THOTH :  Lord of Karma, Lord of time, healing & magic, scholarly pursuits, Universal medicine
NEPHTHYS :  Revealer of Truth, Secrets & Wisdom
PTAH :  Patron of men, architect of the Universe
HATHOR :  Patroness of women, protection, metaphysical abilities
ANUBIS :  Guardian, protector, shows the way
PYRAMID :  Protector of the One True Universal Healing System and Tera Mai’s connection to the One True Universal Healing System
SPHINX :  Protector of the animal kingdoms & wilderness.  Keeper of the secrets of the magic of Power Animals.  Keeper of Earth’s wisdom, hidden magic & healing.
LOTUS :  Peace of mind
SCARAB :  Transformation.  Specifically letting go of something old that no longer works (or maybe never did work) so that something new is able to manifest.
CROOK AND FLAIL :  Our own true path
URAEUS  :  Cosmic Energy
ANKH :  The key to opportunity
WINGED DISK :  Clear communication.  Success, good fortune, abundance & prosperity, gratitude & generosity
SIRIUS  :  Connection to the star people of the Light
BUCKLE OF ISIS :  All is manifested in accordance with God’s Will.
THE TWINS :  Connection to our own twin flame.  (If you are born a woman, you have 2/3 feminine energy and 1/3 masculine energy.  Men are born with 2/3 masculine energy and 1/3 feminine energy.  Your twin flame holds the other 1/3 -2/3 balance.  Your twin flame is probably your Guardian Angel, who walks before you in the world of spirit.  Seldom do both halves of the twin flame reincarnate at the same time.)
AIR :  Communication, gratitude, joy, wisdom & knowledge
WATER :  Healing & clearing, love, forgiveness
FIRE :  Transformation, illumination, inspiration,
EARTH :  Grounding, foundation, prosperity & generosity, introspection & prayer
VEIL of ISIS :  Manifestation into physical form in accordance with God’s Will

The real value of the Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements does not lie in money earned from passing these initiations onto others!  REAL VALUE IS:
Mental clarity gleaned because ones consciousness has more access to Universal constructs.
Clearer communication with God’s Angels  
Healings come about easier and more effectively.
Physical manifestation of ideals:  VEIL of ISIS initiation, the last initiation into Tera-Mai Universal Archetypal Energy, aids in the physical manifestation of ideas. Keep in mind that when an individual works at this level it is vital that the individual has integrity, honesty and the ability to release outcomes to God’s Will. Trying to make something happen that should not happen, or trying to stop something from happening that is supposed to happen, are misuses of the energy.
Focused, concentrated energy. Energy may be directed for the purpose of healing or creating a better life.
When used in meditation we enter a higher realm, whereby we know that everything will work out. We are more confidently able to leave our problems in God’s Hands. We come back knowing that answers will come & we will know what direction to take. Changing the way we think alters our whole life.