Tera Mai™ Heart Chakra Initiation

When the Tera MaiTM Reiki IV, V, VI & VII and Tera MaiTM Seichem IV, V, VI & VII initiations were channelled in 2009, Kathleen Milner received guidance from Spirit that told her that there would be an additional Initiation to come.

The initiation further empowers Tera Mai™ Reiki and Tera Mai™ Seichem, and all other Tera Mai™Initiations that the initiate has already or will receive.  The initiation completes the IV, V, VI & VII initiations, which connects the initiate directly to Divine Healing Power.  The Tera Mai™ Heart Chakra initiation clears darkness out of the etheric bodies and channels, and begins a type of self-healing process.

It is the energy that was used by the Atlantean high priests and priestesses.  It was also known to Solomon in the Old Testament.  However, it CANNOT be misused or lost in this lifetime.   It is what Jewish scholars in Israel are searching for in books.

Who may receive the Tera Mai™ Heart Chakra Initiation?  Anyone may receive it.  For those who have been initiated into Tera Mai™ Reiki & Tera Mai™ Seichem IV, V, VI & VII, a trinity of healing is formed.

Who may give the initiation?  Those who have received the IV, V, VI & VII initiations, the Tera Mai™ Heart Chakra Initiation and are at least Cahokia III.  (Otherwise there is NOT enough power and sufficient spiritual and energetic progress to pass on the initiation.)

The first Tera Mai Heart Chakra initiation opens the initiate’s heart to be healed, and to heal directly through God / Goddess’ Heart. The initiation also activates the aqua blue chakra (High Heart Chakra), which is located between the heart and throat chakras. The heart-felt energies of this initiation may be used in more effective prayer, and silent prayer that guides the meditator to the heart, and to find ones true life / Spiritual path. When Love is found and used in its purist form, it stimulates the physical body in such a way that many new stem cells are created. Anyone may receive this initiation. (£600)

The second Tera-Mai Heart Chakra initiation enables the initiate to pass on the first Tera-Mai Heart Chakra initiation. Initiates must have at least Tera-Mai Cahokia III to pass on the first Tera-Mai Heart Chakra initiation. Initiates find that they are better able to pull off ‘negativity’ easily, effectively and gently. Perhaps, this is due to the new, softer healing energy that comes out of the palms of the hands and the fingertips. It brings a way to the Spiritual Gift of Wisdom & Love, which King Solomon possessed.
Those who have also been initiated into Tera-Mai Heart Chakra initiation will find that the energy and warmth at the solar plexus combines with the energy and warmth at the heart chakra. This magnifies the experiences of both initiations. (£600)