What is Tera-Mai™?

Kathleen Milner

Article appeared in Pinestraw Magazine 
By Mathew Moriarty
TIm Sayer photographer




Simply put Tera-MaiTM founded by Kathleen Milner is a healing system born out of Reiki. Click here to read Kathleen’s history of Tera-MaiTM.

Many people now know about Reiki and the explanation that Reiki means ‘Life Force Energy’ and this energy can be channelled by those who receive an initiation or attunement to Reiki. This energy can then be used for the benefit of oneself and others. The benefits are many and varied, from deep relaxation to the healing of mind, body and spirit.

The Elemental healing energies flow from Source, through the healer and into the physical, mental and emotional bodies, as well as into the electromagnetic field that permeates and surrounds the physical. Universal healing energy alters the energy of the person being worked on and changes the manifestation of the mass. This healing energy works with many techniques, and many different kinds of therapists, nurses and doctors use this energy effectively.

Tera-MaiTM Reiki uses the elemental Earth healing ray, this was then expanded upon during a series of events whereby the elemental healing energies of Fire, Water and Air/Spirit were added to the original Reiki/Earth energy and this is what we call Tera-MaiTM Seichem. So Seichem incorporates all four elemental healing rays of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

One can receive initiation/attunement into Tera-MaiTM Seichem and this enables one to channel all four elemental healing rays, (and that includes Reiki which is the Earth element) There is the option to receive an initiation/attunement into just Reiki and channel the elemental earth healing ray only.

In Tera-MaiTM the Fire energy is called Sakara, the Water is Sophi-El, Earth is Reiki and the duel ray of Air/Spirit is Angeliclight. Read more about the healing rays.

Tera-MaiTM is a trademarked healing system to insure the quality of the energy transfer and is not intended to be mixed into a marketing program whereby many different Seichem and/or Reiki initiations are given.

It has been demonstrated time and again that altering the Tera-MaiTM initiations or mixing the energy with other initiations halts the healing energies, and increasingly compromises and diminishes the energy and will even cause the energy to stop completely. We do not say that Tera-Mai TM is the best or better than any other Reiki or Seichem system. (In the higher spiritual realms there is no better or best, things just are). What Tera-MaiTM does say is that to use the trade mark commits, and actually legally binds the practitioner to maintaining a particular stated and understood standard. http://www.tera-mai-conversation.com/1/post/2015/04/golden-bubbles.html